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CouchDB is a database designed to run on the internet of today. We´ll have a very quick look at CouchDB´s bare-bones Application Programming Interface (API) by using the command-line utility curl. Please note that this is not the only way of talking to CouchDB.

We should mention JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) here, the data format CouchDB speaks.

Major Benefits of CouchDB

  • JSON Documents - Everything stored in CouchDB boils down to a JSON document.
  • RESTful Interface - From creation to replication to data insertion, every management and data task in CouchDB can be done via HTTP.
  • N-Master Replication - You can make use of an unlimited amount of 'masters', making for some very interesting replication topologies.
  • Built for Offline - CouchDB can replicate to devices (like Android phones) that can go offline and handle data sync for you when the device is back online.
  • Replication Filters - You can filter precisely the data you wish to replicate to different nodes.


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